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Fall 2022 Midterm Paper Pattern
  1. The Mid semester examinations (Fall 2022) will carry a Maximum/Total of 30 marks and total duration of the paper will be 60 minutes.
  2. The Mid semester examination paper will comprise of two sections:
    1. Section A: Objective (22 marks)
    2. Section B: Subjective (8 marks)
  3. Section A (Objective) will contain 27 MCQs out of which best 22 MCQs will be considered for grading.
  4. Section B (Subjective) will contain two types of subjective questions, i.e., Two questions of 3 marks each and two questions of 5 marks each. Student must attempt at max one question from each of the two given types.
  5. The assessment scheme will be as under:
  6. i
    Semester Work (40 %)
    Quizzes/ Graded Discussion Boards (GDBs) Assignments/Presentations/term papers/short projects, etc.
    10-20 % marks
    Mid Semester Examination
    20-30 % marks
    End Semester Examination (60 %)
    60 % marks
    Grand Total
    100 % marks
    23.1. “A student must participate in the Semester Work to appear in the End Semester Examination offered by the University. In case a student does not participate at all in the Semester Work or does not appear in the End Semester Examination, he/ she will be awarded an “F” grade in that course and such student shall have to repeat the course(s).”
    23.2. “A student shall qualify the course if he/she scores at least 40% marks in aggregate and minimum 20% in the final and minimum 20% in the semester work including Mid Semester Examination, separately. The grade of the course will be awarded as per the University grading scheme.”
    Students must regularly check the course announcements section of LMS for any variation in paper pattern of their subjects.